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Migrate Your On-Premises IT and Network Infrastructure

into Microsoft Azure

Ever since the COVID19 reached its climax in the summer of 2020, businesses in Corporate America were fast starting to realize that the traditional On Premises model that they have relied upon for years was no longer a viable means in which to maintain robust IT and Network Infrastructure.  A major catalyst for this was the Remote Workforce that transpired as a result.

Because of this, many companies hastily issued company-based devices.  But these were provisioned in a haphazard fashion, with not all of the employees getting them.  As a result of this, many of them started to use their own personal devices in which to conduct their daily job activities.  This led to more Cyber risks unfolding, such as the intermeshing of the home and corporate based networks.

Companies were fast scrambling trying to resolve these issues, while leaving any impending threats on the sidelines.  Because of all of these factors, the benefits of using a Cloud based Platform, such as that of Microsoft Azure garnered great interest.

In this eBook, we cover how to migrate your On Premises IT and Network Infrastructure into Microsoft Azure.

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